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By journalist Sofus Soelberg, SN tidende:

On 10. februar 2017 opened Lene and Niels Erik Wøhlk the doors to Nilehøj B&B. The couple behind the new Bed & Breakfast, bought the house Nilehøj in Vigersted at Ringsted in 2014, and has since worked on home-improvement of the house. In particular, the paintbrush has been swung, so the old house razor sharp inside.

– We have painted and painted and painted. And then we painted one more time, says Lene Wøhlk, who welcomes finally be ready to open.

The house at Vigersted Bygade number 47, built in 1868, has previously been used as a school, housed the teacher and family, residence for the local sexton, town secretary housing, civic offices and even held to local town council at a time.

Nilehøj B&B aim to create a cozy home atmosphere.

– It is is often “too uptight” at the average hotel and conference center. We want the opposite and make our visitors relax and feel at home. We have also focused to reach a certain standard – it’s not a hotel, but we want it to be nice and beautiful anyway, says Lene Wøhlk while she displays the newly renovated inside of the house.

In addition to the traditional Bed & Breakfast is Nilhøj also equipped with a living room, that previously was the crafts and design room at the old Vigersted school, and now also used as a conference room.

The house also contains a small “do-it-yourself”  Arts & Crafts boutique where Lene Wøhlk fixes and show how you can restore old furniture, if you have the courage.

– It’s almost a candy easter egg – full of surprises says a cheerfully Lene Wøhlk when the conversation turns to the house trinity of possibilities.


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